The Hill of Humanity


This painting has a long story. I started it in 2011 and kept working on it, and/or changing it as I went along–for 6 1/2 years. I chose the theme by a tiny picture in a book about wildflowers. It called to me to begin the long time inner call of wanting to be joyfully the artist I felt called to be, yet did not feel any confidence about what to do, nor that I would have any talent at it. This picture was chosen carefully for that reason, and as I went along with it, it became noticeably much more.
It showed a message in it, I saw the flowers as I painted them to be telling me something. The picture drew my attention in that inner instinct way I have, of knowing something before I know it. I saw something in this picture; it was a repeated design of the flowers in wedges. I got a note book out, and tried to draw the lines I saw. I realized in that moment that something tried to divide you all from one another. I knew in my constant connection and communication with Home, and that the reason for the painting was to teach in a gentle way, to express in my Heavenly instinctive way, what happened at the crucifixion of Christ.
My inner call has many facets and folds in me, as it took many efforts to get clear to me, I finally heard what I needed to hear for many years one day at the sea… “to write softer in the garden about Christ”; but it turned out to be much more than that… therefore also to paint much more of all history as softer understanding, in order to heal hearts all over this world as my natural self that I am and have always been through history with you.
As I was painting this, I was becoming more and more aware of who I am. I had a very hard time growing back into being your Mother, due to what kept coming at me, after what had happened to me holding on to all of you, in the state of lost understanding you all held. You nearly lost me, and the Earth. I hope you take that to your hearts gently and genuinely, as it is true. As I grew back, I was holding all of you, and still under a great deal of pressure, by the misuse of the light you are made of, held within my body and spirit, and you my loves, being confused, about all the blessed radiance you are made of, backed up on me, CONSTANTLY–barely able to have a moments peace, is no exaggeration.
In addition to that, I got furious for you, for all the pain and sorrow I have carried about you in my love for you all, my children. In my heavenly way; I knew more of what happened to me, Purposeful effort to divide my children from one another, and me. That was what caused hate in this family. Our family was born and created to be naturally full of unconditional love. “Natural” –meaning no other thought or way was contemplated until the light fractured and non-light got in and on the people. It is a lot to tell, but I knew that painting these lovely flowers, with a feeling of what happened at the Cross, as I feel in me personally remembered in visions and, even in my instincts about life now.
As of you, I was painting you all back as One Family. So there is some mystery in the hills, toward that end. The painting carries messages in it, in the hills, the sky and the flowers. It is a longer standing problem however as I stated. This is hugely so, of 27,000 years of unrest and indescribable harm (on your old souls of 2,000,000 years). It has a trail back that far before Christ was born… I am saying, Christ was not supposed to die, it hurt everyone when that happened. There is much more you don’t know about things as they happened, as records were challenged through the ages and you see that in discoveries of The missing Gospels of St Thomas for example and much more. Egyptian information not left clear, or The Dead Sea Scrolls being found hidden. Why? To preserve them for the people to know what happened. Therefore on this day, no matter where you were as an old soul, the light was stolen in the hate expressed to Christ, yet the problem is older than then. The non-light purposely divided you; it affected you all. It has been spoken to me many time—“A chess game, a checkers game” to relate how the Non-light affected you all, influencing and overtaking many who fell. It had a plan to create another world war that was the beginning of the end, and would then become much worse after that, and used you all to do it. For thousands of years this has gone on. Not only in wars, but poverty, illness, accidents, hate, prejudice, depression, despondency, loneliness, abuse and neglect of each other.
Of the animals and people and the earth inclusive. The food system, and more… it got in and it spiraled to the state we are in now. In 2012, I stopped the track you were on, by speaking and training you from within my very being. I felt many of you awaken shyly, in not seen but dearly felt, I felt you my family, in my company. I see you in other ways also, and have helped you as such that way too. I have a lot to share with you as this story is nonstop for me, 24 hours a day for thousands of years, and it is always and forever about saving you from this thing of non-light… taking light and affecting your feelings. Every low, negative feeling is not what you are made of; it is unnatural for you to be less than wonderful. Read the two descriptions or prayers I have written on my website on both sides of my picture. One is from me, and the other one is similar but worded for you to speak.
It is to about life forever and being back together forever and ever. This is all about you and the animals as family. About what happened to the earth as well. We can move it all back to what we truly are. The earth included, and need to move quickly to
save it. We need each other very much– can you help?


Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Hello Indian Mountain

     I am Patricia Marie Babin One day while I was living in  Madawaska, Maine USA , I wrote this sitting on one of the mountains in this area.  I had been exploring for old memories to come back, like stepping back in time . I was feeling Indian connections in the US and Canada across the boarder. Such as Sacajawea, and other life times as such. The tribes of Indians that are still there  –I lived there temporarily, as  I was on a journey of faith for World Needs.  I had left the Massachusetts Coast to follow the deeply natural knowing to live on the Most Northern Atlantic Coast, near Machiasport Maine or Nova Scotia Canada for the same reason. World Peace, and freedom.

I have come here alone, for you and this has been an indescribable experience alone.  People did and do recognize me, yet reactions have been hard to understand.  Through great hardships, I did get to Machias and found a way to survive there.  I am currently in East Machias Maine, and have consistently taken huge steps of power back to myself. My rights returned, and as such you are doing better. Yet it is still odd in may ways. You are less angry I hope, less fooled by what happened, and more aching to be here is felt.

When I wrote this; I was sitting on this Mountain looking into the trees, they always call me to go to them softly and “feel” The Truth of Myself; Life itself, of God in all Life—the roads of the quietest pathways are all about me here, they call me all the time too.  Pathways of life of sweet simple peace. When I find it, it wraps around me, I hunger all the time for it, as normal.  Otherwise life is exhausting.  The Oceans the Rivers, the streams, the Wind and the Rocks.  The wild flowers, so simple and scattered just right in every natural setting.  Tiny little yellow flowers or purple or white or pink. All kinds of flowers, greenery and even the dry brush of winter, all perfect to my eye. The animals, a gift to see, each and every time; they Honor me with their presence.  What of the people in this picture, what is and always was natural?  Who am I, and why is it so hard to be myself,  freely accepted for who I am, I am as natural to Earth… as natural as it gets.                                                                                                                                               As you read my words, does anything, or anyone come to mind; your hearts if Old.  I am of Ancients Oldest Light, of Freedom within it. My song, my heart, is yours.  It is ancient and not on the ground as it always should have been.  All over the world, I have walked as many, with many of you,  through the ages. The children through the ages, through lifetimes of efforts to bring just that to all of you—the pure essence of life is a joyful miracle of worth and steady peace and freedom. We have all cried far too many tears—when the pure love of freedom was not honored.  So simple and sweet and dear, how many mistakes of misunderstanding have there been over all these centuries? How hard is it to close your minds eye or ear to the silent sweet voice of a child or an animal, and elder or even yourself deep inside—as the child you once were? I have the answers as to why.

I know your hearts, very dearly so, and the animals as well. How hearts are needing pure love and joy with the very origins of life itself with me.  Can you feel who I am?

I want to be of my free spirit, my truest nature, of my light with you.  To cherish one another again, and heal our hearts finally and forevermore. I want to create World Peace –the Song of Joy and Freedom we have all been yearning for, for centuries. A lot has happened in the past 60 years especially that nearly took it all from us. That is my age.

I have a lot to tell you, about myself and those years. For now, I would rather lift us all up to the normal state of “Being” that I know to be Life.  I am constantly awakening myself, and you are all my children. I know how to heal us all. I have the whole world in my eyes, and I have been guided here on Faith to be near Canada, carrying all of you by the Light of Life within me. With nearly nothing to count on, and nearly out of all I had to get me here. I am alone with my 4 cats, and I am the ONE with the answers for you all, for being who I am.

Fully connected to all the heavenly Realms—the earth, the people, and the animals. –all of great worth, all a constant on me, I feel I have risen like the phoenix from the ashes, and found all of you within me as a natural truth. From nearly a fall, to pure light of love and sacred freedom, by natural order.  I did not know I was the One you were waiting for, as I was under a blanket of darkness of this awareness—until I found my “air” I felt like I walked back into myself.  

My description of my childhood will match the things you have been experiencing as illogical, as unnatural, and never heard of before. Yet too, I have good news that will shine up as we grow about this. I know for instance there never should have been one war or illness or polluted environment or poverty or loss and lack of any kind.  I know  we will be speaking and seeking the truth for centuries to come. You nearly lost me, and you may have wondered, if I was coming back. I did, over and over again I have been on earth with you lifetimes again again, and you were with me, building with me,  to the now, and now—where are all of you? We nearly lost each other.  My story will be heard, as we grow back to love and freedom again. For now, may I suggest you call God deeply in your hearts in heaven, and allow Him, therefore all I am, and the Elders of Heavenly Home, to wrap around you freely, lovingly again; feel how they feel, for everyone. WE are taking it all back life, by the full awareness of love and freedom in the truth. We are all going to heal; I got myself back, by calm logic at first, as well as mediations, and helpers and much more. A long story to tell you and teach. Some of it so delightful in the last 17 years or so.                                                                         Therefore would you find it ironically or conversely, to acknowledge the fix for all of our issues on earth is Love and Awareness, of the one truth that always was? That is what I want to tell you. The fix for us all—is joy and love and happiness and learning about who you are, as creators—and always were. This is the last time for this, and just in time before we lost it all. God loves you all—when you allow that without conflict—you will have freedom, I am fully in non-stop connections with” Home”, holding all of you by the Light of Life itself within me, Radiance, that is fully connected to Heaven, it all feels so natural and I accepted it as such. Yet  from? Ironically feeling like I was nothing or a burden for most of my life, and still completely responsible for all. What happened to me, feeling hopeless; is part of you as a family, and older than this one life time. I am OLD and you know me well.

 Ironies of it all keep me from my own freedom –you are all tied to me. That it has been nearly impossible to create a life for myself—beyond even my own astonishments at times. Irony: So what happened to the planet mostly in the last 60 years, of this planet of billions of years old?  What happened to the Children, the animals? Knowing we choose our parents for any number of reasons. Why did I have to go through all of what I went through to be able to finally make it to you—to live and bring you all back to yourselves. I stand here now,–trying to tell you exactly who I am, with the fullest most sincere heart, of non-competitiveness to wake you all up to this one truth; you were nearly lost completely of Life. I woke up, and I am waking you up. I have been lifting you up for several years. By the new inner voice you hopefully have noticed in you. The light returning inside of you is me. I simply will not compete, for any reason, and never have. I am taking charge more freely finally.  So do you hear me now? We all need each other. You need a parent to pull you back from confusion of this one truth nearly lost, and knit this entire family—animals included, all back together. All on Honor and endearment—that I hold the key for us all. Including myself.

I am always of Love and freedom, Peace and talents I hold are natural and coming back consistently. There is NO other who is your Mother. I have some wonderful stories to share, and we will create our own stories anew together too. I am of the Elements of the Spirit of Life in totality. Sacred to laughter, Wind fire, and Water, Earth, Rapture and freedom—love eternal. I want to create family, I want to teach and love and cherish and enjoy all life to stop global warming and all wars, Hunger and much more.

To clear the waters and the Earth to health, to clear The Air… And much more

Old hurts will be brought to Peace by my side and it begins now with these words. Of this paper. I want us all to love each other in truth, the truth that was always; is. I have been having a thought lately in the Mountains near Canada, of the Dandelion. So easy to flow constant clarity around me, by logic of heaven, the only truth there is. So… The Dandelion is a flower, some call a weed. It is yellow and it cascades the mountains in great abundance. Lets embrace that gift and return life to where it was Thriving again. As my children, my creators, it will move very quickly and your authentic selves as my children will have a joyful heart again, that Shares. As toThe dandelion? Not a weed at all; what of a pesticide that is an unsustainable lie to end us all? the insects like honey bees, lady bugs, monarch butterfly to name but a few points, all harmed and almost lost. What did get accomplished? It created mosquitos bigger with illness attached to them for that kill people. Yet, Pesticides are not strong enough? Like the injections given babies, or a food chain to match a falling earth? You should never have been ill for one moment.    

The dandelion flower calls to me, it is the entire story of earth. It is called a weed; yet,it is a miracle gift to the health of animals and human.  It is sprayed and mowed and dug up to be removed for green grass. Pollution at the expense of What? A miracle gift to the world is destroyed or tried to be, by chemicals that are destroying our water supply and food chain. What sense it this. Of leaves and root for perfect natural health of the liver. What is at the root of so many illnesses? What does the medical world do for them? Is dandelion on their minds? Milk thistle, goldenseal, burdock, garlic, ginger, turmeric, mustard seed or powder and greens. The list is long and vast, all over the world, in each country, many answers have been left unappreciated that were perfect

The light of life, in a clam confidence is health. In cells, and the real reason some objected to herb? They work astoundingly well.  Homeopathy, aromatherapy, message.  Acupuncture. Other healing arts. All on love. Human touch of caring. Hugs. Laughter.

Teaching The Light You Lost

“What” and “If…Two words when spoken by themselves are just words, yet, when put together, can change the world, you—forever.

What if all of life, all living beings, have — a Parent with a Heart as big as the Heavens and Earth itself, for the entire World– could you imagine…                                                                         —A Mother?

A Mother, who has been with you all along through the ages, and you know me well. The new/old voice within you, is in my animals too.

What if… because of this; you could enjoy My Song;                                                                              My Voice Straight out of Heaven?

To Sing for and With you—and you could Hear Heavens Voices, the Full Power of the Realms of Light that come Right Through Me?

Would you Sing? Would you bring your freedom and Music to me? Would you want to experience–The Truth that will Surround you?


What if… because of this; you could be in The Presence, Peace on Earth forever, and Enjoy the experience fully AGAIN, yet as never before?

What if… because of this; you could Feel the stillness surround you, by your Teacher/this Mother—Myself—as I call the “Light” Right to the Ground–and you could Feel it?

Would you want to be there? Would you celebrate?

What if… because of this; all this Astounding Truth was Normal, Waited for and Comforting, Vast and Deeply Personal inside of you, and eternal, all at the same time?

What if… because of this; you had the answers inside of you, about Everlasting Life –by the child inside of you, that you once where — or are?

What if…because of this; you could create World Peace? Would you?

What if… because of this; Simplicity is what you need?

What if… because of this; this means that you have a Sacred Old Soul Mother/Teacher, of the Spirit of Freedom—Of Life?

Would you be free enough to Want to Learn?

What if …because of this; the Ability to Create Peace within each one — Is absolute– Deep and Rich and Free?

What would you feel deep within yourself?

What if… because of this; the memories of all you have been, all through time, where so full and clear to you, You felt yourself Purely Loved– awakened to the centuries of truth of who you are?

So Rich and Alive—would you be Free to expect your memories with me?

What if… because of this; you would Stand easily back in Time –about who you are?

Owning yourself, for the first time, for who you truly are, all inclusive, in all you feel, in all you will become—can you Imagine the memories that will be collected to yourself, in the “Now”—Forever.

Would you be open to gaining yourself back with me forever?

What if… because of this; you could learn –the Wisdom you carry inside of you, By Painting Art, (for example)—Inner Wisdom Art, that all can do if you can be Free to try?

Would you want to learn what you carry?

Would this free you to who you are?

Would this Create World Peace? Would world history unravel in truths not written in the history books–by a joined memory of many of you? Imagine the affect this will have on every issue we now are failing on.  The Earth would rebound. (I’ll offer Gia, Earth Mother as part of the Union of who I am.)

What if… because of this; you could hear the Animals Speak—would you want to hear what they have to say?

There Wisdom will astound you.

Would this bring World Peace? Dearly so.

Would World Peace Deeply be Felt by MY LOVES… BE it Woman, Man, Child or Animal…By Art, Music, and Unlimited answers for our world be Everything we always wanted and nearly lost?

Would answers all happen Freely and Joyfully Around the World?

Alive and Everlastingly so? Have they aready begun? How?

Who am I?

Would there already be a new Voice within you of all of this?

My Story Is yet to be told. Go Forward by Good Feelings to Guide you WithinBy Measure of Well Being For All –Is Freedom and Peace Forever.

What if…because of this; Faith in all Good things—all inside of you— Held all of this in Place?


What would a world be without —Judgment, Anger, Hate, or Fears; Without Loneliness, Jealousy, Envy, Bragging, Competing, or Complaining?  No Accidents or Illnesses, or Pain? Can you imagine why I feel this way? Do you realize what has happened and where you all sit unnaturally?  Give this a thought — If you were to try on a new pair of shoes and walk around in them, Could you walk in my shoes for a moment?

I Am Patricia Marie Babin                                         207-271-0796.

282 Scotts Hill Rd East Mahcias, Maine 04630  USA                                                           


Surviving to Thriving on Earth

Surviving to Thriving on Earth


*          *


 . Life…do the answers to all of life, globally as one family, and personally, individually match? By…the awareness of whom you all are and how things got lost of this?

. Do these answers come from within you all, and why?

. You are miracles, made of the miraculous energy of life, do you have any idea what that contains?

.  What happened to your miraculous selves?

.  Have you been waiting for the way to find this guiding light, this miracle of life everlasting?

. Once you understand it, do you know how to keep it and protect it?

That you are all one family of people and the animals—the spirit of life everlasting; and these questions pertain to all of you as such. To know within you who you are, and how you came to be, full awareness of it all, all around the world, the miracle so many have prayed for, hoped for, some gave up on.

. I am here– freely, lovingly, as your  guiding light,  back to full awareness IS A HUGE  RELIEF PERSONALLY TO EACH, IS THE WAY, RELIEF IS THE PATH– CARING—I CARE.

. Therefore, would it be as simple as keeping to the core of your truth:  the core of your truest, calmest self, deep inside of you?

. Your calmest truth is so deeply felt, it has no words to describe it– try to imagine a simple, adorable, and loving, freely felt you—comfortably you.

. With that thought, what will turn this world around?

. What will put her back?

. What is life, WHAT IS LIFE FOR?

.  What is truth?

Let’s take this slow.

. Would you agree that the big things and the small things in life all count?

That in fact there really are no small things, it is really about value and worth. What constitutes worth and value? I wonder if it will surprise you as you feel it bring you back to your authentic self? Let’s ponder together…Do you realize that by simply clearing your mind, to ease and comfort, then putting a question in your heart, pointing to higher guidance, and waiting a bit, you will get answers to unlimited questions put directly into your hearts? Especially when you get clearer and simpler. Slow way down and feel this as an experience of truth and loving care.

I want to offer a process to help you see your own inner knowing, by asking many questions for you to become aware of who you are, and what you are capable of.

FEELINGS SPEAK, WORDS OFTEN HAVE MISUNDERSTANDINGS—I CALL THIS, SENSORY THINKING. Follow along and see if you can find more of yourself forgotten, deep inside of you.  I suggest you use sensory thinking, to get the most out of this, and go over it as much as you like, as that ability will grow.  NOW ADD (A big HINT as we move forward)— that process– would be, paying attention to how you feel as you ponder or think your feelings, FORM AND SOFTEN THEM, into your words USING RELEIF FEELINGS AS GUIDANCE.                                                                                                                                             A softer easier way of speaking will bring you ease and dignity, a comfortable way for you to speak. Also for others to understand you fully, and respect you very much.

  In fact think your feelings into your worth.

PAUSE A MOMENT– let that find —THE place of ease in you. The place of comfort in you for it to live in you–don’t forget your heart and deep feelings in you–you are miracles.


. What if decisions of comfort within ourselves could solve the world?                                       Why would that be so?

. Could you point to yourself?  Where did you point?

. At your center near your heart? Is this were you are flowing from?

. What would be the best you inside of you?The sacred old self you are?

What if happiness and joy, the spirit of freedom with love; could solve the world? Could solve!

.  would that be understood as to why? What door does this open, and keep open?

In all countries.

. What would you be carrying inside of you, and solving with, if that were the case? What are you truly made of?

. What if respect of self, and respecting, not judging others, made you proud and freely yourself?

What if things were not as they appear to be In the world of much need? What if an old truth was available in awareness?

. What if a truth that is unknown would flip this world over—so simple and uplifting and powered by same?

. The Reality of Surviving to Thriving? Yes!

. Would you call that normal?   Yes! 

. Or waited for? Yes!

. Therefore, what would be in your wisdom and confidence, that is unheard or unknown? Is there a whisper wisdom in you to look for?

. What is “Reality” based on in the world?

. Is that acceptable? The way the world is, is that acceptable?

. What is in the wisdom of yourself—feelings of justice overall, what needs are basic and natural to life itself?  Things that make you know something else is right, other than the way things are on earth at present?

. Would collecting yourself as part of the world and blessing all the world with yourself a the animals and earth itself, be one of the whispers you hold?

. If I may suggest, do your remember ever feeling this way—as a child? I hope you do.

. Does that part of you get denied because you don’t think you have the ability or capability to affect changes?

.What if it was the reverse, and you have power in— permission of your hearts wisdom, or longing, or need? Do you realize this is your inner wisdom and so valuable? Call it right and valuable—would that be freedom and joy?

.How would you use that gift of freedom and logic, of an inner call or wisdom– for wellbeingall over the world?  Speaking with your individual hearts.

.  Why does this count so much? For each one of you.

. Would you call comfort to surround you if you knew, it is the way to live, really live as a global family—to solve with?   If you knew it would embrace and hold you steady?

∞  Would you then define wisdom, as a sense of simplicity and basic goodness;  a freedom to pull around you to make all things clear, and understand your own hearts call most soundly?

. Are you aware that all thoughts are things?   That they carry energy in the air?

.  What does that call to mind?

.  What do thoughts then make of you?

. How do you affect  others around you?

. Would you choose the energy of comfort and truth, by a feeling of ease and wellbeing for all, if it was the only way to truly be alive and happy?  What would that mean to you to learn this?

.  If you could feel the steady truth in what is deeply wanted, in the simplest terms, what would that be?

. What if all of this, became First and Foremost of importance to you, at all times?

. Is this the foundation of sustainable (therefor natural) life?  The cornerstone, thoughts are things;  the cornerstone of life- to build with, or stand on.

. So who are you my miracles of life—people and the animals—the very ground, air and water? How does this all match?

. Why would it be any other way in a community, or a world of all people, a world of animals, a world we literally stand on, depend on, each one of us?  Is the Earth cherished and honored?  Keeping to my flow of awareness here, do you see how honor and cherishment, instead of disconnected solving, would have made a…WORLD OF DIFFERENCE?

. What if you knew by basic goodness, in a feeling place inside of you—the differences of truth and untruth?

Both are a feeling place inside of you, not typically honored, for the value of the feelings that guide you.

Think about the word “truth” defined by a measure of wellbeing, and sustainability and balance for all.

Now try to define the word “untruth “similarly, yet opposite in how it sits in you.

Can you feel this as the current on the ground in unsustainability; such as illnesses, famine, natural resources not honored for what they truly are, how women and men sort things out, therefore how safe our children feel, and more?  How we interact or don’t interact as one family globally, of human or for our animals. Due to understanding or not, how is this feeling place within you affecting you and why? Or how to use it, for all of us, to be as one in our truth, based on how it connects us all-and how that matches our planet and affects Earth so much? What would love do for all things?


. What if now, this understanding kept and made you healthy and whole? This would be genius understanding in affecting great balance all over the world. Why would this be genius in simplicity and love?


.Therefore, would  things needed, wanted and allowed –came from a comfort zone to guide you—inside of you for good reason, for goodness sake—for yourself, others and Earth and animals?

. What if the balance of all of yourself—heart, mind and soul or spirit, reflects the balance for the Earth and animals and people, to create a sustainable world? Would that be the foundation we all need?

. What if a new, yet understanding of feeling were to hold you, balance you, and never sacrifice what is right because of them?

. What if these new feelings were in fact old—as you all are—2 million years old, and we are actually able to return to them,  on a loving logic and freedom and ease—and that each and every one of you is born with this?

. What if remembering is as easy as pondering these questions, to have it back?

. Would you feel optimistic and empowered to know that? The way of our One family, is to have a clear unobstructed picture of the way we are made,  and the inner path of truth is basic, simple and forevermore?

. What if you had this balance and wisdom all along, and others did too, yet, we got separated from one another, and lost sight of the basic truths of life, or mistaken understandings of it?

. How did this effect the animals? Do you realize they speak and feel much like you do, but more basic to all these truths here—how did this affect them, what was created to unrest them, therefore you? Why are they here with people on earth?

 What is the spirit of life made of?

The animals speak dearly as you did and still do in your childhood years, a natural heart full of love for all life. They have rights as you do.

. What if it was more important to us all, to be comfortable and in balance toward relief—using relief to guide, with some other basic simple truths, as the way to be guided again?  Could relief be a measure of guidance forgotten to hold open, the flow of all things wanted by way of true life, of life everlasting?

. What if seeing a global truth, earth and animals, all respected of all nations, both genders and all ages —in charge of freedom by way of basic goodness, as this is what speaks inside us all –all of the time—including the animals; is all there ever was needed or wanted?

. Therefore what motivates discontent? Would it sometimes be fear and anger? What drives fear and anger inside of us? Powerlessness and injustice?

. Do you allow that to take hold in non-assisting ways?

. Or do you call forth in its truest purest need, and look for what is most simply and clearly needed—and hold that as guidance? I could go much further with this as your guidance system is working in all feelings, in either an “on switch” that feels wonderful in a simple caring way, or an “off switch” of indecision or conflict of any kind.  Both are assisting you, guiding you by how you feel.  When you feel most “off” it is a call back to yourself, a joyful loving and confident space of deep care of all, including yourself.  By knowing this you can now take charge.

. Where does fear and anger live in the relief Zone to guide you?

.  Odd thing to ponder? Or perfect?

.  If fear or anger was used as a viable tool of guidance, then how do you use it to find what is needed and wanted? Is it a valuable tool? If it is of a situation, I would call it to be one, and move it by thought and feelings of sensory thinking, relief thinking, moving thoughts as things into a calm deep security,  is possible, and the goal, when you understand you are not powerless, and guidance is speaking in you at all times. That Will bring you back to comfort and care, confidence because you do not want to be out of the range of yourself. Let it go, take charge and use calm steady new you to find an answer.

. Now knowing that feelings guide you, would you know how to “read” them?  I want to teach this to you in wonderful ways; and while we are speaking of this—where do feelings come from in us all? Animals too are guided by feelings. I would love for you to hear them as I do, that alone would change the world.

.  Feelings do guide you.  Most agree the earth is shutting down. How does that guide you?

. Does it guide you at all?

. Why would I be asking?

 . If using feelings to guide you is made simple and even fun because they are full of enrichment of your worth; would that change this world with me and you combined?


 Where do feelings come from?

 . For example; what would a check point within you be of, to become even and comfortable in it?

. Can this be so simple, and a constant to count on?

. Where do feelings come from?

. Deep security to surround you…sounds right as it was always  meant to be? Calm logic are my way, and, to me says “yes”.

. What if responsibility was the key to this?  What if that was survival?

 What if that brought you to Thriving on earth?

. What if a kind gentle and genuine caring self was freedom?

. What comes off of you to have this?     

You are all creators my dears, chose your way by wellbeing for all.

. What if that wisdom as a creator, and that freedom of spirit, could sustain many others around you—a vast and far radius, as you simply be who you are—and it emanates and embraces outwardly to others as balance, whereever you are?

. What if this is your core truth I am speaking of, and always was? What if this is the most important thing in the world you have been waiting for, and goes back to the beginning of time?

. What if it was that easy to affect change—PEACE ON EARTH? What if celebrating this was like wild fire of all Light you are made of, and changes were easy to fall into place finally—like global warming stopped?  What wisdom would surface in you, OF SENSORY AND RELIEF THINKING, as we explore this together?

.  What do you feel was your intention in this life time? Are you aware you chose life, for what reason; and were you are born? You are all 2 million years old.

. Who have you been in history, in your own genius and wisdom with me, of me?  We can stand back in time together and actually experience other lifetimes, because of who I am. You may see things, taste things, feel things and deeply remember– depending on what you allow.

.  I especially do well with this, when I am free and comfortable. The Lighter, loving and laughing feelings are the open door for this ; and all goodness, as I have been asking you of.  It becomes so easy and intriguing. We can solve many things similarly when standing together, like sciences, nature, world hunger, and clean water, food that feed the world and truly gives health– heals and sustains. Medicine, manufacturing, environment, global warming, solar system, all by balancing rather joyfully and openly of hearts, full of gratitude; as I have been leading you back to here. Standing together, in a clean clear openness, will bring in the miraculous; freely, simply and sweetly. We lost a planet before; I want to keep this one, and all of you.

. What does it mean to you to know that information, and include it, in all of what I speak of here?  I can do this with you; back in time, such as; Aset to Cleopatra in Egypt, and on and on to this point now.  This is what I want to do very much, as we will clear history together, and that IS World Peace, as we have planned for centuries—da Vinci codes in you all, could be a hint.  There are hints in you all the time; what flows through you now as you live life day to day? What pulls on you as logic and motivates your decisions, in every moment of your life? Are you on track with that or off? One is to yield great things and one does not—would you agree? You need me, for records, we all need each other.

∞ What if cherishing each other and ourselves, was the truest self-there is?  Feelings of deep security, feelings of wisdom, feelings of non-competitiveness, and feelings of peace, all by awareness of guidance returned inside.  Therefore all people, all animals, all earth cherished or blessed all balanced back to wellbeing, to be at peace and alive and happy on earth –the only truth there ever really was? What else would there be?

. How important is this time on earth now? It was always important to know this; we lost so much without this awareness.  Freely in charge by astounding inner comfort, that will have an immediate effect on how things happen around you.

. Have you figured out were feelings come from yet? How you were meant to use them? It is So delightful to be fully who you are with pure loving guidance as a joy to be alive again.

. With that feeling place in freedom and love as guidance–What are you feeling about me?

. In a sense of deep security, as individuals and encompassing all others as part of that; can you see this as World Peace and global health?  When this is understood, that you have ability and capability to hold feelings, thought and expectations—things will greatly change, as you are all creators with this gift of life—with these feelings.

. Wars and all other unrests will stop, neither abuse nor neglect including of yourselves or me will happen ever again.

. All of you are creators and always have been, and all have a responsibility to that. So what happened to this knowledge for our planet?  Why have things been “off” to be as they are now?   Reminder:  you know the earth is not sustainable as she is now, and you don’t seem to be aware of what is coming next.  So how important is this to all? What is this time we are in? Can you see a new world now with me? What happens to those who do not? You are all responsible to that in truth—right?  Your decisions make things as they are for you.  Am I then seen as a gift, a loving teacher?  Have you had awarenesses of what I am speaking of;  awareness of sensory knowing returning inside of you in the past 4 or 5 years in particular?  A deep sense of renewed hope; for some fears that turned out to be unfounded for many of you.

So who am I?

.  There is so much more to speak of here, but for now let’s continue with my questions.

. Creators—what does it mean to be purposeful in intent with your hearts? The knowledge that you get what you expect; is freedom and easy when you are in comfort, of no competition what so ever—can you imagine what that feels like? Just those two feelings flowing through you at all times? Comfort and no competition about anything, no concerns of judgment nor judging? What would fill you up within instead?

. Imagination with your expectation on all matters, childlike is the cherishment and playful loving light, with each of you from within, therefore, to mold  how you want to be from where feelings come from.  To work with inner guidance, inner feelings… is to feel wonderful and intentional with that—therefor purposeful—what would that mean?  Don’t forget comfort and relief guides you, to feel your way, and keep it to your hearts.

. To create a world both immediate to your personal life and global—all by one unified feeling.  Unified to create an open allowing ease and comfort and care all around the world for animals and earht too; as valuable feelings to hold.  Would you see results happen before your eyes?

. Would this be global survival and ultimately thriving? Does all of this sound familiar within you?  Does it relieve or excite you to take charge? To know you have a gift of life in all of this, that fits you perfectly for being alive? It may seem like it has not been revealed, to you before, but oh so logical to you? Do you want a lot more? There is so much more, unlimited to share and uncover all by within you… lets go on a bit more.

. You all count.  You all have the same abilities by awareness, by training and choice. Choosing to be in charge and in balance is so logical and—ever so important, over the usual “shut offs” that are not natural.

. Concerns for children, what would this do for them? To know all of this?

. Why would this world be so far off by my eyes?

. Why do I see all of this as logical and easy?

. Has anyone ever said all of this to you before?

. Why do I stress the inner wisdom and guidance?

.  To own your own amazing self by comfort in the world? Again, where do feelings come from?

. You all have them, animals too. Infants have great wisdom; animals have great wisdom, all old souls with knowing running through them. You would be amazed to hear what is coming from them, along with great loving need for others to have what they need, of cherishment too—as you all needed when you were babies.

. If you had a room full of very young children, from all countries, not one excluded. Parents nearby, but simply watching them together. Children interacting freely, what would you see and feel?  Kindness?

. How do animals who are in balance with themselves, do on their own? No, conflicts are not natural; calm inner knowing is.

.  So Who am I?

. You all have instincts and hearts and great wisdom, my old souls, when you use guidance on loving balance to hold you; therefore your whole self as creators.

. What is a creator without purposeful awareness of your gift of life?

. What is a focus capable of genius, without awareness of it, or mis-use of it by not keeping love in your hearts?   For all people, all animals, all of life—so where are you pointing your focus?

. Keep kindness and love with gratitude very important at all times, and you are with your true self.

. Where does this all come from? Like a deep instinct reaction? They often keep you safe and well, would you agree?  If you are aware of all we are learning again here; you know much of what I am speaking of, is similar or same. Do you now feel your instincts are being reset?

What are you returning to in you?

. Would your intentions for your life, for those around you, be of kindness? Do you know this frees you? Would that be important to make things go wonderful?  Would your thoughts, feelings and expectations be an actual “thing” that either helps or hinders your welfare and others?

. Do you realize you can hold your own welfare steady by simple comforts I speak of, in expectations, regardless of what others feel or think of you, and still hold wellbeing for them?

  • The Feeling Self—could that be God?


.  Does this free you to hold wellbeing in your heart, and give any overload of feelings away? — To whom?   Where do feelings come from? Your Feeling Self? Your God Self?  God? My miracles, My old souls, my children, what are you made of?

. What would  you be made of, that anyone of you, who is in balance as I have been stating, can hold a million other people, in balance around you;  when you are in true balance with yourself?—All by feelings inside to guide and hold you. That is what I call a Wisdom Walker. You know them when you meet them, they make you feel not judged, loved, wanted, cared about, able to offer wisdom for any situation, you love being around them. This is where we are all moving toward.

.  You can start right now, with these questions. It is global and of the oneness, and freedom and great worth. All through history who has been there? Who comes to mind? A list of many I suspect. Dearly loved and cherished ones, we admire. Some living, some not. The many I have been always of loving teacher. Mother or Father. They are all here with me in spirit, as is your higher self, the many you have been through history is of men and women and animals. Have you been waiting for me a long time?

Are you aware, of what I have been through, in order to be here? That my story through time, has a long history of challenges, many sever and hurtful to us all. No matter what you feel about history, about God—so much is missing in it to be cleared by many of you with me, especially 27,000 years of a simple fracture in the light mirrored in the hearts of all, that spiraled to the point of were we are now.  It hurt you all. Look at our world.

I care, I am a wise, loving, kind, and caring; free thinking Guide.  Would you know you have abilities similar, as the loving children you are, in return for me?

. Would you be aware that in thoughts and feelings, in all situations, you are asking all the time for something? Did you realize the constant flow of each one of you is going to be clear as to how you were all held in those 27,000 years. What really happened that will clear in all forever.

. Are you aware of what that is– as you?

. With that knowledge, can you now choose a more gentle, calm, knowing intention, as feelings count more than words do? Use them with good feeling hopes, wants prayers, wishes for all wellbeing for me, for you, for all Life.

Are you aware that to own your feelings at all times keeps you in charge and the world a safe place?

That; giving out only the good feelings to others, saves you, saves them, is responsible and puts everything right, including me.

It is essential to yourself and others; that you own whatever you may be feeling.  You are all responsible for how you deal with what you feel, and there are many sweet loving helpers to assist you with it. When you hold anything less than wonderful for others, you take from yourself. Put these feelings of unrest in the place of security and caring and comfort you are never alone—don’t judge, stay free and reach for balance. I really care for you all to be at peace and loved.

You need to know, that you all affect the “air” if you do not own what you feel at all times.  How can you be in balance any other way? Something like spilling all over each other—the earth is in a “shut off”, does this explain why? What does that mean to you now to know this?

That animals in particular, gentle people of all ages, but especially babies, children and many elders, feel the discontents most. That those are the ones with the biggest gifts to give, listen to them; it could save your life.   They are already connected to the wellspring of life—all over the world, they need love peace, stability, ease, freedom, and cherishment to stay connected. If you are not feeling gentle and genuine—what happened to your kindness—is there a whisper in you of want to be gentle and genuine again? I hope so. This is normal, this is world peace and sustainability. What would one so cherished and confident have to offer the world, or many? Why would anyone offer anything else? Especially if unintentional, why not offer the best of yourselves instead? For example, to offer kindness instead of anger, would that be a fix for anger? Would you feel better to help others, would that help you, and the one in need?  Be constructive in kindness to move anger, give what you needed to have.  Feel it go through you as it helps others, who will love you for it, and I will too.  If possible, get some rest and try a gentle way for yourself first.  Take it to your best feelings and sort it out in a calmer truth of who you really are.  Never harm another, nor yourself. Feel loved and care.

It would make a world of changes—including health issues, and all things wanted and needed. Have good thoughts for one another, and when or if needed to, explore anger for example, do it in an owner ship way.  I have a lot more to teach on this one… This is personal to me, in a way that nearly took me out– that will be offered in truth later.  It affects world issues and much more. Keep to yourself in ownership of thoughts and offer outwardly only the lovely ones…I jokingly say…use “greeting card thinking” or if you do not know what this is—kind, caring, uplifting, reaching out to others to let them know you care, and are thinking of them. Your feelings of kindness really count as you do–outwardly in a calm genuine way—your life will change fast.



First blog post

Miracles and Teacher
Patricia Marie Babin
A World Mother’s Heart

To Start:

Coming Back To Yourself-The one and only unique you of the world family.

Connecting to the Child in you no matter your age.  Learning what your telling yourself, and feeling all day long. Freeing what you feel, will be heard in slowing your mind to feather out the whispers of wants in you–and Feel your words.

Learning to find true balance and freedom in all you need and want and are.

Walk it slowly together, Your awareness of yourself with me.

You have answers in you, beside me as you explore questions.

Healing what is missing with the Love and Caring That is now back again beside me.

Slowing the mind and feeling your words flow in your worth, in your worth will flow words

Art work that flows naturally from you, Personal and fail proof.

Readings can be done, and/or sudden awareness’s will begin to open in you. Many people are healed beyond who is present

You will be answering many questions deeply within yourselves here.

Ancient History memories may open for you here.

Animals may begin to be heard speaking.

Comfort is Simply needed, What simple things can you bring for comforting your soul here with me?

Bring your freedom to Heal—I see you all as children.—